Miss Supranational 2018 : Interview with the Pakistani actress Anzehelika Tahir

Pakistan is all set to make their debut at the prestigious Miss Supranational 2018, with Anzhelika Tahir representing their beloved country . Anzhelika is a popular face within the pageant world as she has represented her country in numerous pageants before. The beautiful queen stands tall at 173 cm and has a Bachelor Degree in Arts. Anzhelika is also a designer by profession and is an activist. 

Q. 1. What was your first big break as a model?

Answer- I was always passionate about modelling since when I was 16 years old. I love experimenting with my looks and trying new roles, that’s why modelling suited me the best that time. Than I switched to journalism and ended as an Lollywood actress.

Q. 2. Can you sum up your academic and career bio for us?

Answer- I love arts, history, painting etc. Therefore I decided to get education related to the subjects. I have my Bachelor of Arts degree and I am a fashion designer. I also love being in front of the camera, hence I work as a tv presenter and journalist. Right after getting my diploma, I won the title of Miss Pakistan World and was focused on promoting Pakistan.

Q. 3. How did you become a model?

Answer- I really wanted to be a model. I started by doing photoshoots for free, collaborating with photographers to build my portfolio, later I began to earn money. My first job as a model was for an online fashion catalogue.

Q. 4. Which make-up brands do you use?

Answer- Usually, I don’t use make- up in my everyday life. But when it is about my work or Pageants, I prefer Mac foundation and eyeliner, Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow kit and contouring kit.

Q. 5. Do you have any advice for those who wants to start modeling?

Answer- If it’s your dream than go for it. But don’t think that it’s easy! You have to learn how to love yourself and find the way to gain the confidence and embrace the needed changes. You’ll face a lot of criticism, so be strong and never give up.

Q. 6. Where do you belong from? How has your upbringing been like?

Answer- I come from a mixed family. My mother is Ukrainian and my father is Pakistani. I believe that I got the best from both the sides. I spent my school days in Ukraine. Ukraine is a post soviet country, so I faced lots of criticism and racism from other children while growing up. I was different and my biggest dream that time was to become white blonde girl so that people will accept me. But with the passing time, things changed. Now I’m extremely happy to be what I am and I want to encourage those who feel the same as I did while growing up.

Q. 7. Do you feel it's tough or a little difficult for models in pakistan ?

Answer- Pakistan has a fast growing fashion industry, with lots of new local brands coming up, so the requirements for models is always there. I believe that modelling is a tough job everywhere in the world because of the tough competition. Pakistan also has our top supermodels, some of them are working abroad for international brands.

Q.8. Who is your favorite contestant at Supranational 2018? Why?

Answer- All contestants are unique and each contestant has a different story to tell. I love my roommate Miss Sweden 🇸🇪 ! Jenny is very fun- loving and friendly. She’s always helpful and she’s my “partner in crime”. Also, I want to admit miss Denmark 🇩🇰. She’s absolutely gorgeous and a positive lady, who is here for a good cause! She encourages millions of people with same disabilities all around the world.

Q. 9. What are the possible changes that can happen after Supranational, when you go back to your country?

Answer- Pakistan is taking part in Miss Supranational for the very first time and I feel extremely happy and proud to be given this opportunity to represent my nation at this platform. It is a big responsibility for me, as for the first delegate to show to up the world about the beauty and traditions of my land, and to change their perception about Pakistan. During this pageant, I received huge media and personal support from Pakistani people and I want to make them proud! My mission as a woman is to spread awareness about women’s rights and take part in solving problems that we are facing today. During last three years we’ve received thousands of letters from women all around the world, telling us their real stories. Those stories are at times are so terrifying that they make our hearts stop. We are planning to publish a book in the nearest future, to show the world the honest reality of a common woman in this world.

(Author: Charudatta Kale)