Miss Supranational 2018 Results Review


Miss Supranational 2018: Puerto Rico (Valeria Vazquez)


When you have former queens judging, the winner always seem to be a bit of a surprise. Was Valeria the big favorite to win the title before the pageant? Perhaps not but she was on most people’s lists. It became apparent throughout that she is beautiful, smart, confident and grounded. Throughout the competition, she was prepared and her work ethic and professional was really evident. She will be an excellent representative for the organization this year and hopefully also add more meaning to the title.

1st runner-up: United States (Katrina Jayne Dimaranan)

What an amazing young woman! Vibrant, vivacious and just such a lovable character. We have loved her since her Binibining days and she was clearly more prepared and more ready than ever for this challenge. She gave it 100% and we really do hope that we will see her in another pageant. The girl has got star quality!

2nd runner-up: Poland (Magdalena Bienkowska)


Perhaps the biggest surprise in the top 5. Magdalena did not shine as much during the first part of the Supra journey but she saved her best for last. Some might feel that her top 5 inclusion was a stretch but she delivered a heartfelt answer which won the hearts of the judges. And let’s be honest: her beauty is undeniable.

3rd runner-up: Indonesia (Wilda Situngkir)


Wilda will do it! And she did. Miss Indonesia was a ray of light throughout her journey and she equalled her country’s best placement at Miss Supranational. With poise, grace, beauty and an impeccable attitude, she captured hearts during her time at this competition. Her country should celebrate her and be very proud of her achievement. Well done, Wilda.

4th runner-up: Mexico (Diana Romero)


This incredible beauty did everything right during the competition. She was an amazing representative for Mexico. Sadly, the top 5 Q and A was a hurdle as no translator was on hand to translate her answer. However, we must say that the Miss Mexico Organization did really well, a Miss World winner and a Miss Supranational 4th runner-up. Very well deserved and more power to you.

TOP 10

6th place: Brazil (Barbara Reis)

Barbara’s exclusion from the top 5 was a shock to many. We expected her to be up there. She is everything a beauty queen should be and that face. We hope to see Barbara on another international pageant stage one day. If she brushes up on her English skills, she could win a major crown. What a beauty, what a lady!

7th place: Vietnam (Minh Tu Nguyen)


There was incredible pressure on Minh Tu throughout the competition as she already has a hugely successful modelling career and the transformation from supermodel to beauty queen is no easy task. It was beautiful to learn more about her as a person. She handled herself very well throughout the whole journey and respect to her for showing dignity and class, especially after she did not take the crown. It shows that she is really a great representative for VIetnam.

8th place: Romania (Andreea Coman)


For the second year in a row, Romania sent an incredible representative who should have placed higher. With the sensuality of a Victoria Secrets Model combined with the sweetness of the girl next door plus the added bonus of being a super intelligent woman, she was the complete package. We also hope to see her at another international pageant.

9th place: Philippines (Jehza Huelar)

This girl has a heart of gold and we are so thrilled to finally see her at an international pageant. You can just see the kindness radiate from her eyes. She has such a story of triumph over tragedy and she has our full respect. Jehza really reminds us of Megan Young and she could easily bring another Miss World crown to the Philippines.

10th place: Venezuela (Nariman Batthika)

Venezuelans sometimes are known for being competitive to the extreme and yes she was competitive. But what impressed us the most was the fact that she was pure soul that represented her country with class and elegance. And she is also extremely intelligent. Perhaps competing in another pageant shortly before Supra was not the best move as this three week journey takes a lot in terms of energy but hats off to her for giving it her all.

TOP 25

11th place: Colombia (Mimi Carrenza)

Talk about personality, beauty and vivaciousness in the form of one incredible woman. Mimi was one of the most charismatic, energetic and supportive girls of the whole group. She was unlucky to miss out on the top 10. She was just fire on stage and we loved her!

12th place: Ukraine (Snizhana Tanchuk)

As in her previous stint at Miss Grand, she was an absolute professional. This time we learned that is also a kind and warm hearted young woman, which just adds to her beauty. Sadly, she got quite ill a few days before the final, which probably did not work in her favor.

13th place: Belarus (Margarita Martynova)

Incredibly beautiful but quite reserved at times. She spent most of her time with Miss Russia but she was always sweet and polite to everyone. Margarita delivered on stage though and we also learnt that she actually opens up when you speak to her one on one. Well deserved placement for Miss Belarus.

14th place: Pakistan (Anzhelika Tahir)

This was Pakistan’s first time at Miss Supranational and they sent an exceptional young woman in the form of Anzhelika. She is a pageant pro and was on point through her journey. Pakistan had a great start with this classy, intelligent, determined and gorgeous young woman and we hope to see them again on the Supra stage. Well done, Anzhelika!

15th place: Netherlands (Kelly van den Dungen)

Another stunner who is always professional and consistent. Kelly is one of the best Dutch queens we have seen. We hope that she will use the experience, she has gained to elevate herself to the next level and go for the Miss World or Miss Universe Netherlands title. She has what it takes and we believe in her.

16th place: Malaysia (Sanjna Suri)

One of the surprises of the pageant was Sanjna. The fierce and super sexy woman you see on photos actually turned out to be a humble, caring, kind and extremely compassionate woman who truly embraced the experience and was all about the Supra sisterhood. A woman of substance for sure.

17th place: Mauritius (Anoushka Ah keng)

A surprise to many in the top 25 and she also won Miss Supranational Africa. For those who followed the journey, they will know that she was one of the kindest, most caring, most helpful delegates who had tons of personality and gave it her all to make her country Mauritius proud. And she did!

18th place: Slovakia (Katarina Oeovanova)

One of the most beautiful faces of the pageant belonged to Katarina and she was also extremely sweet, if not slightly reserved. What she was lacking was stage presence, however, after this experience her organization would be foolish not to let her compete for the Miss World title because we can see that blue crown on her head.

19th place: India (Aditi Hundia)

Her beauty and aura were undeniable but we missed the fire in her. At Miss Diva, she was on fire but here we expected a bit more. What a face though!

20th place: Nigeria (Daniella Orumwense)

Another surprise in the top 25. Tall and statuesque but was she stronger than the representatives from South Africa and Kenya? Her interview skills must have pushed her to the next round.

21st place: Myanmar ( Shwe Eain Si)

Undeniably beautiful but what she lacked was the grace and charm of a beauty queen. From being a heavy favorite to being in the bottom of the top 25, what were the attributing factors? Lack of stage presence? Rarely smiling? A less than friendly demeanor? Or is it because she crossed the line by not showing respect to pageant officials by skipping an event without informing her chaperones and breaking pageant rules by smoking in her room. Such a beautiful girl but this attitude is not what we expect from a Burmese representative.

22nd place: Denmark (Celina Riel)

What an exceptional young lady - a true inspiration for many young people out there. She shattered glass ceilings with her participation here and always treated everyone with kindness. At barely 18, she lacked the experience and stage presence to progress further but we know that she will continue to rise above all the challenges life has given her. And we have to say that she was THE deserving winner of our Global Beauties Woman Of Substance Award. Well done, Celina.

23rd place: Australia (Maddison Clare Sloane)

This lady is a television presenter in her country and she came with all the charisma, personality and Aussie charm that you could ever ask for. A future Miss Supranational host? We would not rule out the possibility of seeing her on the Supra stage again. Her energy was just infectious.

24th place: Equatorial Guinea (Maria Lucrecia Nve Maleva)

Another surprise for us in the top 25. Her stage presence was undeniable and she really worked the stage. It’s always nice to see non-sash countries making it in big pageants.

25th place: Russia (Guzaliya Izmailova)

Russia was also a big surprise inclusion in the top 25. She was quiet and reserved throughout the journey and was always with Miss Belarus. However, what most people don’t know is that this lady has had quite a story and she has a fighting spirit. That must have resonated with the judges.

Top 30

The delegates from Ecuador, Guatemala, South Africa, Malta and Suriname were all solid competitors and were probably just unlucky not to make it in such a competitive year. Guatemala is one of the strongest girls her country has sent to a major pageant and we hope she will give it another shot at another pageant. We missed South Africa in the top 25. She was a pure class act, really kind and beautiful but like Venezuela perhaps competing in another pageant just a couple of weeks before Miss Supranational did not work in her favor. Miss Malta is also one of the strongest her country has sent and we hope to see her in another pageant.