Miss World 2018: meet the Head to Head 10 quarter-finalists!


Head to Head is one of the greatest innovations in pageantry in all times. It gives the fans the opportunity to really see who the Miss World candidates are in great interviews conducted by Frankie Cena and to vote for their favorites, and the contestants have the chance to show their true essence.

This HTH year there was a twist in HTH, though: the group 20 winners actually went “head to head” for 10 spots in Miss World´s Top 30 (rather than last year´s Top 40), with three Miss World winners as judges.

Votes were based on overall presentation, and those who could not speak English, did not get a translator (this is the part we don´t like). Stephanie Del Valle, Manushi Chhillar and Megan Young gave their votes openly and the 10 women who made it through were:

Mauritius (first time it places since 1989, deservingly so), Venezuela, Bangladesh (2nd consecutive placement, thanks to HTH), Chile, Malaysia, Singapore (it beats us how she defeated Nepal! In any case, it´s the 2nd time Singapore places in MW, the first was back in 1976), Thailand, Mexico (great performance!) and Uganda (it´s the first time Uganda ever made the cut in Miss World) and India (it broke our hearts seeing Myanmar losing the opportunity to have a MW quarter-finalist with such a magnificent contestant, but India also deserved it).

In addition to these 10, France (Top model winner), Japan (Talent winner) and USA (sports´ winner), have also advanced.

17 other representatives, including the BWP and Social Media winners, and 15 picked by the judges, will be announced during the final show, on December 8th.

Watch the two decisive episodes:

GB comment: Congratulations to the HTH winners, to the MW Organization and to all participants for showing that beauty is indeed much more than beautiful faces and bodies. HTH has taken Miss World to an even higher level!