Miss Supranational 2018: Who will take the crown in the pageant´s 10th edition?

site miss supra final .png

On Friday, December 7th, the 10th Miss Supranational will be crowned in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland, and just like you, we wonder: who will take the crown? With a very competitive batch and seven former winners as judges, virtually anything can happen!

Our number 1 bet for the Supra crown in 2018 is Indonesia: beautiful, intelligent, charming and quite consistent throughout the whole competition, she has all it takes to keep the crown in Asia.

Her main compeition, at leat in our eyes, is another Asia stunner: Philippines. Philippines started out a bit shy, but has been growing tremendously day after day and is now a serious contender for the title.

Mexico is another major possibility end this race victorious. Her incredible looks and class will take her far!

Brazil commands the Supra stage! Perhaps the most stunning beauty of the class of 2018, her setback is her communication skills. If she´s able to surprise us all when the time to talk comes, Brazil could also take it all!

Rounding out our Top 5 is lovely Romania, a beauty like few who is also in the fight for the crown.

Stunning Poland hasn´t shinned as expected so far, but she will be competing at home and could be saving her best for last. She does have the looks! Like Philippines, Puerto Rico started gaining ground in the last preliminary competitions and we don´t doubt that she could be a Top 5 finalist! Gorgeous USA, on the other hand, started out very strong, but right now we try to figure where she stand. We believe Top 10 is a “sure bet” for her. Statuesque Venezuela comes from a victory in Reina Hispanoamericana 2018 and seems to have what it takes to make waves on the Polish stage on Friday. Wait until you see her competing in evening gown! Controversial Vietnam is competitive, but we believe a Top 10 placement should be her limit.

Then we have so many stunners who could pull a surprise and replace any of the above in the Top 10 or even in the Top 5, like lovely Denmark, who´s life story is abslutely inspiring, eloquent and beautiful India, the “super star” from Myanmar, impressive Malaysia, beautiful Ukraine, and the list goes on…

Who will be Miss Supranational 2018? The live shall can be watched at Miss Supranational´s Facebook page, at 8 PM GMT +1, December 7th.

Much success to all candidates!!!!