19th Global Beauties Awards: Best National Pageant - Miss France


A very special award is given to the organizers of the Best National Pageant.  Main national competitions in their countries are considered for this award on the basis of Television Show, Entertainment, quality of production, coverage, quality of contestants and overall national prestige.

This year, of course, the GB Award for Best National Pageant goes to MISS FRANCE! Production-wise, the Miss France competition puts some international pageants to shame.  Everything is carefully planned, from the creativity concepts, the wardrobe, props, dancers, camera direction, stage design, lighting, multimedia, special effects, HD transmission, you name it.  Having a great deal of respect for their own national event, the Miss France pageant is a tradition, a show and a company that sets the bar for others to follow.

In 2nd place is the annual MISS RUSSIA competition, a show of exquisite quality with some of the world's most beautiful women.  It is hard to comprehend why Russian beauties have been overlooked in Miss Universe during the past 6 years (whereas in Miss World they have been performing tremendously). But the production standards for television are excellent.

In 3rd place there was a tie between Femina Miss India, and Miss South Africa.  Both competitions attract local viewership, and their winners are usually among the most well prepared in the industry.  As a perfect example, Femina Miss India crowned Miss World this year, while Miss South Africa got their Miss Universe.  And their TV shows are nothing short of impressive.

Honorable mentions in this category go to Senorita Colombia, Miss USA, Miss Grand Thailand, Miss Polski and Miss Ukraine (World).