GB Announcement: Ownership Change Heralds New Era for Global Beauties



Global Beauties is pleased to announce that Eye For Beauty Blog founder and editor, Andre Sleigh, has acquired a 50% stake in Global Beauties. Originally from South Africa, Andre has been living and working in Asia for the last 12 years. Having been a pageant fan since the early 90s, he started Eye For Beauty in 2010. In September last year, he officially joined the GB team following years of unofficial involvement as leaderboard and special contest judge. 

Says Global Beauties co-owner Henrique Fontes, "I am delighted to welcome Andre to Global Beauties in his new capacity as co-owner. Change brings new energy and I believe that Andre's passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the industry will be beneficial to Global Beauties. As we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, we remain committed to remaining a credible source of news and a fair voice in the industry. I look forward to working with Andre and taking our brand to greater heights." 

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Says Andre Sleigh, "I found Global Beauties almost immediately after Henrique and Ed Dominguez started it and it was love at first sight. Having always been a friend and fan of GB, becoming the co-owner of Global Beauties is an absolute dream come true. When I started Eye For Beauty, I realized that having a voice in this industry comes with great responsibility. Like Henrique and Edwin, I believe in fairness and honesty. I will work hard to not only bring a mix of serious and fun quality content to the table but also to highlight the positive side of the sometimes tarnished industry. For almost three decades, I have had an incredible passion for beauty pageants and I do hope to do what I can to unite fans and to build on the popularity of Global Beauties. I believe that there is definitely still a place for pageants in our society. We must stand together and make it our responsibility to show people that it pageants can be used as a platform for empowerment and change as well as providing us all with entertainment and ways to celebrate the diversity of beauty around the world. 

Edwin Dominguez, who will stay on as honorary member and correspondent, said the following, "After 20 years of hard work on Global Beauties,  I look forward to seeing what Andre will do with the brand. Even though I am taking a step back to focus on other commitments and new opportunities, I will always remain a friend, advisor and collaborator. I want to thank Henrique for 20 great years and look forward to being involved from time to time in the future." 

As we embark on our new journey, Global Beauties is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Stay tuned for more news about changes and new features, which we will announce in the coming months. In the meantime, if you have news for us or would like us to become involved with your pageant system, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you. Contact us at