GB Picks: Puteri Indonesia 2018

Tomorrow night, 39 young women will take to the stage to compete in the Puteri Indonesia 2018 final. Established in 1992, Puteri Indonesia (Princess of Indonesia) is seen as the oldest pageant in the country. The winner will represent Indonesia at the next Miss Universe competition while the second and third placers will be awarded the Miss International Indonesia and Miss Supranational Indonesia titles. The reigning Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, will join Miss Supranational, Jenny Kim, and Indonesia's very own Miss International 2017, Kevin Lilliana, as special guests at this event. As we eagerly await the real results of the pageant, Global Beauties picked our top choices for this year's contest. 

Global Beauties' Puteri Indonesia 2018: Sumatera Utara, Sri Bunga Rizky


In what may seem as a bit of a risky choice, we chose Sri because of her gorgeous face. She was not super consistent during the competition, but we do feel that she has the potential to be trained into a formidable competitor at Miss Universe. And we do know that Indonesia has become better and better at preparing their title holders for international competition. We see something really special in her. 

Global Beauties' Puteri Indonesia International 2018: DKI Jakarta 6, Karina Fariza Basrewan


Though Karina is relatively short at only 1.68m, you can't deny her beauty. The winner of this title will have a tough job as the reigning Miss International is from Indonesia. We do think that Karina is beautiful enough to make an impact at Miss International and we feel that she deserves a shot at it. 

Global Beauties' Puteri Indonesia Supranational 2018: Sumatera Selatan, Berliana Permatasari

She is only 19 years old but again we feel that she has lots of potential. She has impressed throughout the competition and her beauty will be appreciated at Miss Supranational, so she is our choice to represent her country at the 10th anniversary of this pageant. 


DKI Jakarta 4, Jesslyn Lim


A firm fan favorite, Jesslyn is tall, she interviews well and her exotic beauty will definitely make an impact. Don't be surprised to see her winning one of the three titles. 

DI Yogyakarta, Dilla Fadiela


Here's another strong bet that is likely to do very well. Dilla has come to the pageants extremely well-prepared and she is seen as one of the sure bets by a lot of fans. 

NTT, Melati Tabita Kirana Thei


She is the youngest competitor this year and we wonder if inexperience will hamper her chances. That being said we do find her stunning and can't deny her a spot in our top 6. 

TOP 11

Bangka Belitung, Sonia Fergina Citra


Jawa Tengah, Kidung Paramadita 


Kalimantan Timur, Cahaya Nur Hikmah


Aceh, Nandia Deva Puspa Devi 


Maluku, Leinda Mellisa Wattimena 


These are our favorites but as we know it's all in the hands of the judges. We would like to hear who you are rooting for. Leave a comment below to tell us who you think should win.