Miss Grand Slam 2017 Round 1: Group 6 Results

Voting for Group 5 has concluded at www.votemissgrandslam.com and we can now reveal that the winner of the fan vote for Group 6, with 51% of the votes, is Miss Universe Malta, Tiffany Pisani who failed to place at Miss Universe but qualified for the 1st round of Miss Grand Slam 2017 by being a judges' wild card pick. 

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The judges of Miss Grand Slam 2017 also cast their votes and three more contenders from Round 6 were chosen to advance to the second round. They are: 

Our judges' first pick to advance to the top 64 is Miss Grand Philippines 2017, Elizabeth Durado Clenci who was the named the second runner-up to Miss Grand International 2017. 


The judges also decided that Miss Supranational India, Peden Ongmu Nmgyal deserved a spot in the second round. She placed in the top 25 of Miss Supranational 2017. 


And our final spot for Group 6 in the top 64 goes to Miss International Ecaudor, Jocelyn Mieles, who reached the top 8 of Miss International 2017 in Japan. 


Congratulations and good luck to the winners from Round 1 Group 6!