GB Picks: Mister International 2018

The 12th Mister International Competition will take place in Yangon, Myanmar in just a few hours. Thirty six young men from all over the world are all hoping to beome the next Mister International. Who will it be? It's time for Global Beauties Picks Mister International 2018! 

Global Beauties Mister International 2018: Switzerland, Alessio Costantini


1st runner-up: Venezuela, Ignacio Milles


2nd runner-up: Korea, Seung Hwan Lee


3rd runner-up: South Africa, Dwayne Geldenhuis

4th runner-up: Colombia, Manuel Molano

Top 10

Puerto Rico - Joseph Disdier

Lebanon - Michael Khour

Mexico - Armando Osun

Poland - Arkady Zadrozn

Brazil - Leonardo Nobre

Who is your favorite for the title?