Miss TQI 2018: Sightseeing in Rayong

Report and Photos: Adi Perkasa / Edit and Published: Andre Sleigh 


An early morning visit to Suan Lamai farm in Rayong, Thailand was the first activity of the day for the 55 young women competing for the Miss Tourism Queen International 2018 title. Wearing their 'Surprise Rayong' shirts, the girls were separated into three groups. Global Beauties had the opportunity to follow Group A, including the ladies from India, Singapore, Bolivia, Brazil, Okinawa (Japan) and Japan. 

The group was welcome with lemon iced tea and very unique durian snacks. The first point of visit was the rambutan plantation where they learned more about how this unique friend is grown and harvested. Here they got the experience to do some fruit and snack tasting, too. In true Thai style, the farm workers explained every fruit and product in detail and joked that these snacks were only the appetizers for what was to come. Other things on the menu included some famous Thai delicacies, like fresh durian, papaya salad and mango sticky rice. All the delegates, the local press and our Global Beauties reporter received a gift box from Suan Lamai team. Thailand truly is an amazing place with incredible people. 

The day's activities also allowed us to meet some new ladies. Miss Tourism Queen International is a tourism pageant, so the focus is on hospitality and who does not love a kind and friendly personality. We adore Japan for her humility. Vietnam and Brazil made a very positive impression by making the effort to tell us about some great places in their countries, despite the fact that English is not their native language. Dominican Republic told us how proud she is to be Latina. She adores her country and says that is why all the delegates shout 'Republica Dominicana' instead of Dominican Republic - they are extremely proud of their roots. Singapore also continued to impress with her sweetness.