Miss TQI 2018: Welcome Dinner and Talents Show in Rayong

Photos and Report by Adi Perkasa / Published and Edited by Andre Sleigh 


The second full day of Miss Tourism Queen International as the girls headed for Rayong Province, approximately 2 hours south of Bangkok. Following a busy day that started at 4am, the 55 young women competing for the title had to look their best for the Welcome Event and Talent Show on Thursday night. 

Hosted by the Star Hotel, the Welcome Dinner and Talent Show was an event that helped us to get to know the delegates much better. During the opening number, each contestant got the opportunity to introduce herself. Some of the girls who made a positive impression here were: 

Bali (Indonesia) who stood out for being the first delegate to mention her impressions of Thailand during her introduction. 

Philippines for her confidence on the catwalk. 

Laos for her outgoing personality. 

* Thailand who is one of the most humble girls and it shone through during her introduction. 

New Zealand whose bubbly personality is starting to be noticed by everyone. 

Indonesia who spoke about what the incredible hospitality with which she has been welcome to Thailand means to her. 

Romania who has a strong, but sweet personality. 

* Russia's introduction made us take notice of her! 

Singapore who is one of the sweetest delegates of the group. 

* South Africa's introduction convinced us that she is in it to win despite the fact that she had almost no sleep for 48 hours. 

Then it was time for the Talent Show. Only a handful of delegates could show off their unique talents but it was a vibrant show that showcased the amazing talents from ladies from all corners of the globe. Some of the delegates that stood out here: 

Bolivia showed a traditional dance from her country called Machetero. 

Ethiopia performed a traditional dance called Ashenda which required a great level of skill but she made it look really simple. 

* When New Zealand performed her rendition of 'When We Were Young', Adele fans couldn't help but sing along. 

Philippines surprised everyone with a new look as she was rapping and dancing. 

Russia showed off her dancing skills complete with an imaginary partner in the form of a broomstick dressed in a suit. 

Bali combined balled and traditional Balinese dances, kecak and janger. 

Malaysia impressed everyone with her incredible dance moves. 

* Dominican Republic also had everyone's eyes on her with her incredible dance moves. 

India's belly dance dit not fail to impress. 

Latvia was incredible. She has been a professional dancer for over ten years and you could tell from her perfect moves. 

On Day 2 some new crown contenders in the form of LatviaJapan, New Zealand and Philippines emerged but it's still anyone's game. The race to crown is still wide open.