Miss Tourism Queen International 2018: Who are the favorites?

A week ago, 55 young women from all around the world arrived in Bangkok, Thailand to compete for the 2018 Miss Tourism Queen International title. Their time together has been short but it was a pageant filled with activities and plenty of time for us to form our impressions. Tomorrow night, a new queen will be crowned. As always, we hope that the most beautiful and deserving girl wins, yet we would now like to share our list of favorites. 


THE CROWN CONTENDERS - watch out for them as they might win that glittering new crown and $10,000 cash prize



Having competed in Miss Grand International and Miss Supranational before, Rachel is no stranger to the pageant stage and this experienced really showed. Our photographer took several photos of the 55 delegates each day and Belgium's never failed to impress. Despite being one of the most beautiful and polished delegates, she is also an incredibly nice girl. Throughout the pageant, she treated everyone with kindness. She always greeted our reporter and found interesting things to talk about. Tomorrow night, she will be stepping on stage in a national costume and evening gown made by her mom. Will that bring her good luck? 



Brazil's photoshoot at Samed Island was the true definition of perfection. Her personality proved to us that the stereotype about Latinas in pageants are wrong. She is humble, down to earth, always smiling and greets everyone in friendly way. An important beauty queen criteria that she met was to be one of 9 girls who was always on time. She is a beauty inside and out with an undeniable beauty queen aura. Being a true tourism queen, she brough tote bags and postcards from her country for all the delegates. 



Indonesia was a darling of the media throughout the competition and also has (like most other Indonesia beauty queens) huge support from pageant fans in her country. Her photo for Miss Photogenic was shared an incredible 6,836 times. As a tourism ambassador for her own country and the host country, she will do very well. Throughout this pageant, her hair, makeup and styling were on point. She was chosen by the Holiday Inn Rayong as one of the delegates who promoted their hotel the best. She also has a great personality and kind heart, bringing almost 20kg of souvenirs from Indonesia for everyone. 



Thailand has been a great ambassador for her country and always a pleasure to talk to. She is the only delegate to remember our reporter by name, which definitely helped us to appreciate her event more. Showing true Thai hospitality, she also offered to show us around her country anytime we visit. On top of that, she always acted as translator anytime we needed support. If the host country wins, it will be a deserving one. 

THE SURE BETS - these are the contestants that have been consistent throughout the competition


Australia looked good from the start but we really started noticing her in Rayong. Her swimsuit shots were incredible. 


Denmark is a wonderful tourism ambassador for her country and a true sweetheart. She has the kind of humility that we look for in a beauty queen. 


Not only did she nail all her photos, she is also humble and outgoing. She adores her country and told us how proud she is to be Latina. 


Japan was consistent throughout the competition. She made an effort to share more about her country's culture with everyone. 


Despite being one of the last to arrive, it didn't stop her from fully enjoying this experience. She was kind and humble, which left a great impression on our team. Even on the longest days, she never showed any signs of exhausted and was always punctual. 

THE SPOILERS - perhaps not so talked about but could surprise and go all the way to the top 5


Watch out for her on the catwalk. She's got the poise, charisma and attitude that demands attention on the catwalk. She might come across as rehearsed at times, so that is something that should avoid. 


South Africa has a bubbly personality and is very well-spoken. She decided show her natural hairstyle for the last parts of the competition as a celebration of African beauty. It has helped her to show a newfound confidence. 


Bolivia comes across great in photos and has an infectious personality. 


One of only 9 young women who were always punctual, she also has a beauty queen aura that makes you pay attention to her. 


Perfect posture and wonderful bone structure. She rocked the swimsuit shoot. She always smiled and never looked tired. Her knowledge of her country's tourist attraction is commendable and she has been a great ambassador for Romania. 


Being sweet is her signature style but don't let it make you think that she is not a strong woman. She was happy every day.