Miss South Africa Pageant Announces Dramatic Changes to Format


For their 60th anniversary, the Miss South Africa Organization has announced a bold new format that is sure to keep South Africans on the edge of their seats. The organizers held a glamorous event in Johannesburg on Thursday to announce the top 12 and their plans for the final, which will take place Sun International's new venue, The Sun Arena at Times Square in Pretoria on May 27th. 

Instead of the traditional format of announcing the runners-up and the winner after the top 5 announcement, this year two women from the top 5 will be announced as title holders. A Miss World South Africa and Miss Universe South Africa will be chosen. They will then progress to the final round in which they face a final question. That will determine, which of them will ultimately win the the Miss South Africa 2018 title. The two ladies will go on to represent South Africa at Miss World and Miss Universe, while Miss South Africa will fulfill the traditional duties of the role. 

The organizers stated that the changes have been made due to the dates of the two international pageants often clashing. Instead of letting a runner-up represent South Africa, they will know choose two representatives they feel best suit each international competition. 

"In 2018, we're adopting international best practice in terms of our finalist judging in order to ensure that our contestants are given a bigger share of the global spotlight by strengthening our pageantry presence internationally. We are delighted that this new format will give two finalists the opportunity to represent South Africa and enable them to prepare thoroughly in advance," said former Miss South Africa and Cell C (main sponsor) Executive, Suzette van der Merwe 

Meet the finalists here: 

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Wrtiten for GB by Andre Sleigh

Information courtesy of Cell C and Media 24! 

Photos courtesy of Miss South Africa