Miss TQI 2018: Behind the Scenes at the Official Photoshoot

It was lights, cameras and lots of action on Day 1 of Miss Tourism Queen International 2018. More than 50 of the delegates (the rest were still on their way to Thailand) were photographed by the pageant's official organizer in swimsuits, evening gowns and national costumes. Global Beauties' reporter Adi Perkasa had exclusive behind the scenes access during this photoshoot and got a sneak peak of what the girls are like in front of and behind the cameras. 

Making a good impression in swimsuit were the delegates from Belarus, Bolivia, Guinea, Kazakhstan, Laos, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Romania and Russia. 

Captured in their dazzling evening gowns, all the girls looked red carpet ready but there were ten of them that caught are eye. Making an impact were the delegates from Altai, Bali, Belgium, Brazil, Costa Rica, Crimea, Costa Rica, Kosovo, Latvia, Singapore and Tatarstan. 

Expect some spectacular national costumes this year and some of the most eye catching ones on the day belonged to the delegates representing Albania, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Jeju Island, Malaysia, Mongolia, Netherlands, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Report and photos by Adi Perkasa 

Edited by Andre Sleigh