Mister Global 2018: Final Leaderboard

Today the 5th Mister Global contest will take place in Bangkok. 38 young men will compete for the title currently held by Pedro Gicca from Brazil. Who will win? We feel that the field is wide open but after analyzing everything that has been going on at the competition, we can reveal our leaderboard. 



Dario Duque  from the USA ’s smoldering good looks and superstar smile helped him to secure the top spot on our leaderboard. Can he take it all? He will be facing tough competition from Thailand’s very own Staporn Moollisan who has got some star quality and looked impeccable throughout the event. Brazil’s Junior Garcia is another strong contender. With his sizzling good looks and chiseled physique, he might secure  a back to back win for his country. Don’t overlook Poland’s Jakub Kucner. He has a huge social media following and he will be a formidable competitor. Dwayne Geldenhuis from South Africa placed in the top 3 at Mister International, so watch out, he knows what he’s doing! 

Mother contestants that might pull a surprise and win it all are the contestants from Denmark, Philippines, Spain, Switzerland  and Mexico . Who will be Mister Global 2018? As always, may the most deserving candidate win.