Benin to debute in Miss World in 2018


Benin, a country of little more than 10 million inhabitants located in west Africa, will participate in Miss World for the first time ever. The chosen one was Fleur Hessou, Miss World Benin 2018, who will now get ready to compete in Sanya, China, on December 8th.

For many years known as the Slave Coast, due to the large number of slaves shipped to the New World during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, it became a French colony named French Dahomey. Dahomey became fully independent in 1960 and later changed its name to Benin.


As Dahomey, the country sent a representative to Miami Beach in 1962, to compete in Miss Universe. Her name was Gilette Hazoume. Fleur will be the first beauty queen from her country competing in a Grand Slam pageant in 56 years.

Welcome to Miss World, and welcome back to the Grand Slam, Benin!

Special thanks to Julio Rodriguez!