Mister International Brazil 2018

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Danthy Meirelles, 26, from the city of Fraiburgo, Santa Catarina state, was officially proclaimed Mister International Brazil 2018 during the finals of Miss and Mister Santa Catarina CNB (World) 2019, which happened on September 22nd at the Sibara Hotel, in Balneário Camboriú.

Earlier this year, Danthy competed for the title Mister Brazil CNB 2018 and placed 2nd among 48 state and regional delegates, earning the right to represent Brazil in Mister International, a Grand Slam competition. He was also the winner of the swimwear preliminary contest.

He is 23 years old, 1.86 m-tall and works as a physical educator for people with special needs.

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Mister International 2018 is predicted to happen in February of 2019, said organizer Alan Sim. Seung Hwan Lee of Korea is the current titleholder.


Congratulations and much success to Mister International Brazil 2018!

GB comment: Danthy will be a strong competitor in Mister International 2018.

Photos by DJ Studio.