GB Awards 2018: Miss Supranational wins "Best Social Media"

SITE best social media.jpg

Miss Supranational is the winner of the “Best Social Media” award in 2018, showing quality work and consistency throughout the year when it comes to promoting the pageant on Facebook and Instagram. Its social media tools are informative, pay attention to national contests, texts are interesting and well written, banners and graphic design are of very high quality. During the pageant, it is constantly updated, keeping the fans informed and entertained from day one of competition. Well deserved!

Miss Grand International came 2nd, also doing a tremendous job using its social media tools. Texts could be more informative and they should be a bit more careful with the English language usage, but in general terms, MGI´s social media is the pageant´s soul and main vehicle for promotion, which in the end, is the idea here. Miss World takes the bronze medal, also doing quite a good job in terms of social media. Its texts are by far the most informative and well written, however, it lacks consistency. There are months when they are frequently fed, and there are times when there´s barely nothing. As for the actual pageant coverage, they have still not made available photos from the final show, for instance, something that must be worked on in the future.

Our judges put Miss Universe in 4th place, but we believe Miss International (5th place) should actually be ahead of Miss Universe, as it invested in social media work and improved tremendously in 2018. Miss Universe, with all its means, barely does anything with Facebook and IG during the pageant, when there was very little information available. In addition, they don´t give much attention to its national pageants, which is a real question mark. Come on, Miss U, you can do better than that!

WINNER: MISS SUPRANATIONAL - 69 points (Facebook, IG)
2nd - Miss Grand Int´l - 66 points (Facebook, IG)
3rd - Miss World - 56 points (Facebook, IG)

4th - Miss Universe - 45 points (Facebook, IG)/ 5th - Miss International - 24 points (Facebook, IG)

See how the judges voted (from number 1 to 5. 1st receives 12 points, 2nd - 7 points, 3rd - 4 points, 4th - 2 points, 5th - 1 point):

Vandercasteele - W U S G I
Bande - S G U I W
Fawcett - G S U I W
Palmero - S G W U I
Medel - W G S U I
Guiraldes - G W U S I
Rodriguez - U G W S I
Duarte - W S G I U
Isa - I S G U W
Maes - S U G W I

Our judges: Jean-Marie Vandercasteele from Belgium, Sifiso Bande from South Africa, Sally-Ann Fawcett from the UK, Paul Palmero from the Philippines, Jose “Pepe” Medel from Mexico, Ricardo Guiraldes from Chile, Julio Rodriguez from Venezuela, Rafael Duarte from Brazil, Richard Isa from Curaçao, Katia Maes from the Netherlands.