GB Awards 2018: Miss Grand International wins "Best Opening Number" Award

SITE best opening number.jpg

Miss Grand International seems to have found the right formula to put together a great opening dance number: it´s energetic, fun to watch, well choreographed and the music choice is always spot on! MGI mastered its opening number once again and is the Yulia winner for “Best Opening Number” of 2018!

Miss World comes in a close 2nd place, also with a very well choreagraphed dance number, with plenty of energy, good music and good camera work. On its 10th edition, Miss Supranational put together its 2nd best opening number ever (behind 2013), doing quite a good job. It still lacks in energy and the right camera work. It needs more movement and rhythm, but it has improved and took the bronze medal here.

Compare this year´s Miss Universe opening number to the fantastic ones from 1992 and 2004, when the pageant was also held in Thailand. The latest one was very slow and emotionless. As for Miss International, same old… Again, it can work on such key parts to make it more interesting in years to come. The potention is there, MI organizers must simply to open their minds.

2nd - Miss World - 70 points
3rd - Miss Supranational - 64 points

4th - Miss Universe - 37 points / 5th - Miss International - 13 points

See how the judges voted (from number 1 to 5. 1st receives 12 points, 2nd - 7 points, 3rd - 4 points, 4th - 2 points, 5th - 1 point):

Vandercasteele - W S U G I
Bande - S U G W I
Fawcett - W G S U I
Palmero - U W G S I
Medel - W G S U I
Guiraldes - G S W U I
Rodriguez - G S W U I
Duarte - G S W U I
Isa - G S I U W
Maes - W S G U I

Our judges: Jean-Marie Vandercasteele from Belgium, Sifiso Bande from South Africa, Sally-Ann Fawcett from the UK, Paul Palmero from the Philippines, Jose “Pepe” Medel from Mexico, Ricardo Guiraldes from Chile, Julio Rodriguez from Venezuela, Rafael Duarte from Brazil, Richard Isa from Curaçao, Katia Maes from the Netherlands.