Miss Grand Slam 2018: meet the 50 Most Beautiful Girls in the World

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Miss Grand Slam has started its 21st edition with the selection of the 50 Most Beautiful Girls in the World, a traditional list created in 2000. The competition started with the 111 Grand Slam candidates who became at least quarter-finalists in their respective pageants in 2018 competing. Judges Sally-Ann Fawcett, Jose Pepe Medel, Ricardo Guiraldes, Rafael Duarte, Julio Rodriguez and Sifiso Bande, voted for their favorites resulting in a very interesting list.


Miss World placed 17 of its 30 quarter-finalists (57%), Miss Universe, 12 out of 20 (60%), Miss Grand International 10 out of 21 (48%), Miss Supranational 8 out of 25 (32%) and Miss International 3 out of 15 (20%).

Venezuela is the only country to have all of its 5 Grand Slam beauty queens in the list, while Cook Islands made the prestigious list for the first time ever.

Next our judges will choose the Top 20.

The 50 Most Beautiful Girls in the World, in alphabetical order: Australia International, Australia Universe, Belarus World, Belgium Universe, Belgium World, Brazil Supranational, Canada Universe, Chile World, Colombia International, Cook Islands World, Cuba Grand, Curaçao Universe, Dominican Republic Grand, France World, Great Britain Universe, India Grand, India Supranational, Indonesia Supranational, Jamaica Universe, Jamaica World, Martinique World, Mauritius World, Mexico Grand, Mexico Supranational, Mexico World, Nepal Universe, Nepal World, Panama World, Paraguay Grand, Philippines Universe, Puerto Rico Grand, Puerto Rico Supranational, Puerto Rico Universe, Romania Supranational, Scotland World, South Africa Universe, Sri Lanka Grand, Sweden Grand, Thailand Grand, Thailand World, Uganda World, United States Supranational, United States World, Venezuela Grand, Venezuela International, Venezuela Supranational, Venezuela Universe, Venezuela World, Vietnam Universe and Vietnam World.

How did the remaining candidates rank? Here it is:

51 New Zealand Grand
52 Japan Grand
53 Hungary Universe
53 Costa Rica Universe
55 New Zeland World
56 Pakistan Supranational
56 Mexico International
56 Brazil Universe
59 Poland Supranational
59 Peru Grand

61 Philippines Supranational
62 Indonesia Universe
62 Brazil Grand
64 Ukraine Supranational
64 Philippines International
64 Kazakhstan Grand
67 United States Universe
68 Netherlands Supranational
69 Russia Grand
70 Japan World

71 Vietnam Grand
71 Thailand International
73 Poland Universe
74 South Africa World
74 Ireland Universe
76 Vietnam Supranational
77 Singapore World
78 Northern Ireland World
79 Malaysia Supranational
79 Denmark Supranational

81 Russia Supranational
82 Slovakia Supranational
83 South Africa International
84 Madagacar International
85 Romania International
86 Myanmar Supranational
87 Paraguai International
87 Indonesia International
89 Thailand Universe
90 Colombia Supranational

90 Nigeria World
92 Equatorial Guinea Supranational
92 Russia World
92 Ukraine International
95 Australia Grand
95 Australia Supranational
95 Bangladesh World
95 Barbados World
95 Belarus Supranational
95 China World

95 Costa Rica Grand
95 Ecuador International
95 India World
95 Indonesia Grand
95 Indonesia World
95 Japan International
95 Malaysia World
95 Mauritius Supranational
95 Nigeria Supranational
95 Spain Grand

95 Spain International

Regardless of being in the Top 50 list or not, all 111 beauties made their countries proud and deserve our applause and recognition. Congratulations to all!

Who will be Miss Grand Slam 2018???