Miss Grand Slam 2018: the Top 20

As we get closer to the election of Miss Grand Slam 2018, our judges have voted again to pick the Top 20 best Grand Slam beauties of the year. Each judge made his own Top 20 list, ranking them from #1 to #20. A candidate placed 1st earned 20 points, 2nd place = 19 points, and so on, until 20th place = 1 point. Points were added and the 20 young women with the highest amount of points continued in the competition.

Meet the Top 20 for Miss Grand Slam 2018:

See how the other 30 candidates ranked and ended the competition (#21 to #50):

21 Thailand Grand
22 United States Supranational
23 Mexico Supranational
24 Curaçao Universe
24 Chile World
26 Colombia International
27 Jamaica World
27 Dominican Republic Grand
29 Belgium Universe
30 India Supranational
31 Belgium World
32 Venezuela Supranational
33 Great Britain Universe
33 Scotland World
35 Martinique World
35 Cook Islands World
37 Mexico Grand
38 Romania Supranational
39 Nepal Universe
40 Indonesia Supranational
41 Sri Lanka Grand
42 Puerto Rico Grand
43 Australia Universe
44 United States World
45 Jamaica Universe
46 Venezuela World
47 Mauritius World
48 Cuba Grand
48 Vietnam World
50 Thailand World

  • In the Top 20 we have 6 candidates from Miss Universe, 6 candidates from Miss World, 4 candidates from Miss Grand International, 2 candidates from Miss International and 2 candidates from Miss Supranational.

  • One candidate hails from Oceania (which means that Australia International is Miss Grand Slam Oceania 2018), 4 come from Asia, 2 from Africa, 3 from Europe, 2 from the Caribbean and 8 from the American continent.

  • Venezuela has 3 candidates still competing, while Puerto Rico has 2. The remaning 15 delegates come from different countries.

Judges were: Richard Isa (Curaçao), Julio Rodriguez (Venezuela), Jean-Marie Vandercasteele (Belgium), Sally-Ann Fawcett (UK), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chile), Rafael Duarte (Brazil), Paul Palmero (Philippines), Sifiso Bande (South Africa), Marjukka Niemnen (Finland), Jose Pepe Medel (Mexico), Katia Maes (Netherlands) and Alvin Beart (India).

Who will make it to the Top 10?? Stey tuned for new Miss Grand Slam 2018 updates and congratulations to all!