GB Awards 2018: Miss World wins Best Presenter award with Frankie Cena

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Discovered by MWO, Frankie Cena first came to the spotlight when he represented Canada at Mr World and became a Top 5 finalist, in addition to winning the talent competition. Smart, charismatic and talented, Cena has been gaining more ground in the competition year after year, and among many excellent Grand Slam presenters, he´s been chosen by our judges as the very best of 2018. Congratulations to Cena and to Miss World, winners of the Best Presenter Award!

Miss Grand International took the silver medal with another fantastic presenter, Filipino star Xian Limm, who did a much better job alone on stage in 2018, then when he had a co-host the year before. He truly nailed it. Third place also goes to Miss World, as the always excellent Angela Chow, a winner in this category in previous occasions, took bronze.

Steve Harvey did a decent job, giving Miss Universe the 4th position, former Miss World Megan Young took 5th place, which means that Miss World had 3 out of the 5 best presenters of 2018!

WINNER: MISS WORLD (Frankie Cena) - 19 points
2nd - Miss Grand International (Xian Limm) - 14 points
3rd - Miss World (Angela Chow) - 13 points

4th - Miss Universe (Steve Harvey) - 12 points
5th - Miss World (Megan Young) - 9 points

See how the judges voted (from number 1 to 3. 1st receives 4 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point):

Vandercasteele - U Harvey, W Young, W Cena
Bande - W Cena, U PK, U Harvey
Fawcett - W Cena, U Harvey, W Young
Palmero - W Chow, G Limm, W Cena
Beart - G Limm, W Chow, W Young
Guiraldes - G Limm, W Cena, U Harvey
Rodriguez - W Chow, W Cena, W Young
Duarte - G Limm, W Young, W Chow
Isa - U Harvey, W Chow, W Cena
Maes - W Cena, W Young, S Podrez

Our judges: Jean-Marie Vandercasteele from Belgium, Sifiso Bande from South Africa, Sally-Ann Fawcett from the UK, Paul Palmero from the Philippines, Alvin Beart from India, Ricardo Guiraldes from Chile, Julio Rodriguez from Venezuela, Rafael Duarte from Brazil, Richard Isa from Curaçao, Katia Maes from Netherlands.