Miss Grand Slam 2018: the Top 10

You probably can imagine how difficult it was for our judges to narrow the field of 20 to only 10 stunners, the very best 10 young women who competed in the Grand Slam in 2018! But they ended up doing it, and here is the list:

The remaining of the Top 20 final ranking:

11- Uganda World
12- Venezuela Universe
13- Paraguay Grand
14- Nepal World
15- Puerto Rico Supranational
16- Belarus World
17- Australia International
18- Venezuela Grand
19- Panama World
20- Sweden Grand

  • All 5 Grand Slam pageants are represented in the Top 10, with Grand, International and Supranational with one candidate each, World has two, and Universe has 5, or 50% of the Top 10.

  • Three actual winners are still running for the Miss Grand Slam title: Mexico World, Philippines Universe and Venezuela International.

  • Paraguay Grand finished in 13th place, while Puerto Rico Supranational ended the contest in 15th place, which means that both did quite well, and all 5 Grand Slam winners placed in the Top 15. It shows that in overall terms judges were fair and their choices were mostly approved by pageant experts and fans in general.

  • Whatever happens from now on, South Africa Universe is Miss Grand Slam Africa 2018, Puerto Rico Universe is Miss Grand Slam Caribbean 2018 and France World is Miss Grand Slam Europe 2018. Australia International had already been named Miss Grand Slam Oceania 2018. Who will rule in Asia and the Americas??

  • As for the best from each pageant, we have three winners as well: Brazil is Miss Grand Slam Supranational, India is Miss Grand Slam Grand International and Venezuela is Miss Grand Slam International. In Miss International´s case, our judges agree 100% with the judges´ choice! As for Supra and Grand, they were very close, after all, Puerto Rico finished 2nd in Supra and Paraguay was 2nd in Grand.

Thanks once again to our judges: Richard Isa (Curaçao), Julio Rodriguez (Venezuela), Jean-Marie Vandercasteele (Belgium), Sally-Ann Fawcett (UK), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chile), Rafael Duarte (Brazil), Paul Palmero (Philippines), Sifiso Bande (South Africa), Marjukka Niemnen (Finland), Jose Pepe Medel (Mexico), Katia Maes (Netherlands) and Alvin Beart (India).

Link: The Top 20

Stay tuned for the Top 5 announcement!