Korea wins Mister Global 2019


The 2019 Mister Global 2019 edition was concluded in Bangkok, Thailand, with the victory of Korea´s Jong Woo Kim.

The 1st runner-up was Tunisia´s Houssem Saïdi, the 2nd runner-up was Spain´s Jose Luis Rodrigo, the 3rd runner-up was Switzerland´s Kenan Murseli, and rounding out the Top 5, was Dominican Republic´s Braulio Encarnación, the 4th runner-up.

Completed the Top 16, the candidates from Indonesia (6th place), Brazil (7th), Cuba (8th), Poland (9th), Thailand (10th), Chile (11th), Northern Cyprus (12th), Mexico (13th), Philippines (14th), Portugal (15th) and Vietnam (16th).

The contest enjoyed great preliminary events and photo coverage, but the final event suffered once again a change of venue and had a simple (yet entertaining) production.

It was Mister Global´s 6th edition and Korea´s 2nd Grand Slam male title.

Congratulations to the winner!