Miss Grand Brazil happens tonight in Bento Gonçalves - see where to watch it live


Miss Grand Brazil 2019 will be elected today in Bento Gonçalves

There were 5 days of many special activities, sightseeing, preliminary competitions and of course, many rehearsals! All this so that the Miss Brazil 2019 can be elected in style at an event that will take place today at the Dall'Onder Grande Hotel, in Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul.

The 20 representatives of Brazilian states are evaluated in rounds of interviews, swimsuit and evening gown parades, the peace speech, a novelty in Brazilian beauty competitions, and the final challenge. The evening will begin with 20 competitors, soon 15 will show up in bathing suits (one voted by popular vote on the Business Card website, in portal R7), 12 in evening gowns, 9 will have the chance to deliver their peace speech and 5 will go through the final challenge, when then the judges will choose the successor of Gabrielle Vilela and Miss Grand Brazil 2019.

Judges are: Willian Freitas, Licensing Manager of the National Beauty Contest; Laís Berté, Miss Rio Grande do Sul CNB 2015, Vice Miss Eco International 2016 and third place in the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017; Marcelo Pilotti, Mister Serra Gaúcha and a Top 5 finalist of Mister Brasil CNB 2016; Clara Sosa, TV presenter and chef in Paraguay, the current Miss Grand International; Fernando Amaral, commercial manager of the Dall'Onder Grande Hotel; Priscila Machado, TV personality who in 2011 was elected Miss Brazil Universe and placed 3rd in Miss Universe; Erica Almeida, representative of the You Institute of Rio de Janeiro; Andrisa Fregapani, director of Livi Fregapani, the misses school which will prepare Miss Grand Brazil for its participation in Miss Grand International; Toni Faccio, entrepreneur owner of Tojo restaurant chain; Iva Vivan, Technical Director of IVA Espaço da Beleza, the best salon of the Serra Gaúcha; Dr. Manuel Barrios, talented dental surgeon; Lara Goulart, Journalist, musician and representative of Instituto Você do Rio de Janeiro; and Tamara Almeida: journalist, presenter and columnist of Cartão de Visita, at the news portal R7.

Photos by Boss/MGI and Gabriel Souza

The TV presenter and Paraguayan chef of cuisine Clara Sosa, the current Miss Grand International, has been spreading beauty, charisma and good vibes in Bento Gonçalves, conquering everyone´s hearts, wherever she goes. She is the first Miss Grand International to visit Brazil. Thai entrepreneur Nawat Itsaragrisil, president of Miss Grand International, came to Brazil to support the event and will be present in the final this Thursday.

“I love Brazil and support it. I have been to this country at least 10 times, but it´s my first time in Bento Gonçalves and I am very impressed with such beautiful place”, he said. About the pageant, Nawat mentioned: “The judges will have a hard time, all candidates have plenty of beauty and personality, I wish them the best of luck tonight”.

The presenters of the final show Sancler Frantz (in Portuguese) and Beatrice Fontoura (in English), another novelty of the contest.

The winner will win an exclusive crown created by jewelry designer Tiago Seixas, valued at more than R $ 10,000, preparation for Miss Grand International with Livi Fregapani; preparation of oratory and body language with Instituto Você RJ; wardrobe to compete at Miss Grand International signed by fashion designer Flavio Soares; cosmetics from Skinlite Brasil; all expenses paid to represent Brazil at Miss Grand International 2019; dental treatment with Dr. Manuel Barrios, among other awards.

During the week, they participated in preparatory exercises with professionals from the Institute Você of Rio de Janeiro, visited places such as Ovelha Park, Marco Luigi Winery, the famous Rocks Route and appreciated the landscapes in the Vale dos Vinhedos. They also participated in social partnership to raise funds for local charities.

Mayor Guilherme Pasin and Bento Gonçalves Secretary of Tourism, Rodrigo Ferri Parisotto, received Miss Grand International, Clara Sosa, the president of Miss Grand International, mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil, Miss Grand Brasil 2018, Gabrielle Vilela, and the director of the national contest, Henrique Fontes. According to Pasin, the positive image that the contest added to the municipality made them think about adding Miss Grand Brazil to Bento Gonçalves official calendar of events.

The event is getting support by NET, Santa Luiza Tourism, Iva Espaço da Beleza, Instituto Você Rio de Janeiro, Dall'Onder Grande Hotel, the Department of Tourism and Bento Gonçalves City Hall, Dall'Onder Travel and Tourism, Leonardo Rodrigues Photography, Gabriel Souza DJ and photographer, Livi Fregapani, Dr. Manuel Barrios.

Who is your favorite? Meet them here:

The event is produced by CNB National Beauty Contest, directed by brothers Henrique and Marina Fontes. The CNB has a team of first-rate professionals who acted flawlessly during all these days.

Watch the election of Miss Brazil 2019 live, starting at 10 pm, local time, at Miss Grand International Facebook page - https: / /www.facebook.com/MISSGRANDINTERNATIONAL/..

For preliminary competitions and the week activities videos, go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIrnFwhxZi3snGlNGj_l4fA/videos

The winner will compete in Miss Grand International 2019. Best of luck to all!