GB Awards 2018: Miss Universe wins "Best Crowning Moment"

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And it was Miss Universe and the moment that Catriona Gray´s fans awaited for so long that took the lead in the “Best Crowning Moment” category, leaving in second place the very dramatic Miss Grand International´s crowning, when Clara Sosa literally shut down for 2 minutes when she learned that she was the winner! Catriona winning Miss Universe was a dream come true for millions of people in the Philippines, and even in other countries, a great example that dreams should never die. Miss World´s crowning moment came with a twist in 2018: no 2nd runner-up was announced, only the 1st runner-up and then the winner. It takes bronze as the thrid best crowning moment of 2018.

The victory of Puerto Rico in Miss Supranational was 4th, while Venezuela´s triumph moment in Miss International, ranked 5th.

2nd - Miss Grand International - 59 points
3rd - Miss World - 55 points

4th - Miss Supranational - 41 points
5th - Miss International - 21 points

See how the judges voted (from number 1 to 5. 1st receives 12 points, 2nd - 7 points, 3rd - 4 points, 4th - 2 points, 5th - 1 point):

Vandercasteele - S I W U G
Bande - W U G S I
Fawcett - U G S I W
Palmero - U W S I G
Medel - U W G S I
Guiraldes - U G W S I
Rodriguez - U G S W I
Duarte - G U W S I
Isa - G S I W U
Beart - W U G S I

Jean-Marie Vandercasteele from Belgium, Sifiso Bande from South Africa, Sally-Ann Fawcett from the UK, Paul Palmero from the Philippines, Jose “Pepe” Medel from Mexico, Ricardo Guiraldes from Chile, Julio Rodriguez from Venezuela, Rafael Duarte from Brazil, Richard Isa from Curaçao, Albin Beart, from India.