Miss Friendship is back in 2019, in Chengdu, China


From July 16th to the 27th, exciting Chengdu, in China, will welcome beautiful and talented young women from around the globe to compete in the revamped Miss Friendship International contest, a traditional beauty competition which is back under new management. Around 50 candidates are expected to enjoy cultural activities and battle out for the crown and cash prizes, including US$ 10.000 for the winner.

Capital of the Sichuan province, Chengdu's history dates back to at least the 4th century B.C., when it served as capital for the Shu Kingdom. With a population of about 15 million people, Chengdu is vibrant and full of culture and colors. Its culinary is famous around the world. Organizers promise a spectacle not to be forgotten!

"Miss Friendship International is not just a beauty pageant. We aim to build this platform for our international friends around the world to come and celebrate our FRIENDSHIP together with China”, said Nahatai Lekbumrung, Vice-President of Miss Friendship International.

"China has many things to offer to the world. We are rich in culture with a long history named one of the Four Ancient Civilizations alongside Babylon, India and Egypt. Yet, we are modernized and open to welcome our international friends. Miss Friendship International is an organization with an aim to build a good relationship with many countries", explained Chen Jun (Jelly), the President of Miss Friendship International.


“Miss Friendship International is a young beauty pageant with an young management team. We are an organization with the strong belief that a beauty pageant can unite people from different backgrounds and cultures”, added Joe Kampol Thongchai, MFI - International Licence and Business Development Director.

Many countries have already joined Miss Friendship, and you can meet some of the candidates at @missfriendshipig . If you want to be a national director for your country, don´t waste time by sending an e-mail to joekampol@gmail.com .

Global Beauties will bring you exclusive coverage from Chengdu, China. Who will be Miss Friendship International 2019?