Transgender man is the first to compete in a state pageant in Brazil

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For the first time ever a transgender man will compete for the major male beauty title in Brazil: Mister Brazil CNB, the contest which sends representatives to Grand Slam competitions Mister World, Mister Supranational, Mister International and Mister Global.

Bernardo Ribeiro will fight to become the most handsome man in the state of Rio de Janeiro in the pageant which will take place this afternoon, at the 5-star hotel Wyndham Hotel Barra, in Rio. He will compete with other 19 young men from all around the state (Meet the candidates and vote for your favorite HERE).

Representing the city of Rio das Pedras, the 23 year-old stud is aware of the importance of joining the pageant: “I was born a girl but never felt like one. I used to see handsome men on the cover of magazines and competing in Mister Brazil, and could only dream of achieving that. Today I am a model and I am here, competing for the title Mister Rio de Janeiro CNB!”, he told news portal Cartão de Visita News / R7.

The before and after of Mister Rio das Pedras, Bernardo Ribeiro.

The before and after of Mister Rio das Pedras, Bernardo Ribeiro.

“I know that I am not only representing my town or myself, but also thousands of people who see me and realize a door has been opened for them, and this is very important”, he concluded.

Bernardo´s participation in the pageant is making headlines in Brazil on the same week when homophobia has finally been voted by the judiciary to become a crime in the South American country.

Mister International and Mister World are the two male pageants which have opened to transgenders, as long as they have a birth certificate and passport saying the candidate is a man. Mister Supranational does not accept it and Mister Global has not declared if it favors the change yet.

Mister and Miss Rio de Janeiro CNB (Miss Rio de Janeiro World) will take place at 4 PM (Rio time) this Sunday. You can watch it live at TV CNB, on YouTube.

Best of luck to Bernardo and to all other candidates!