Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019

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Madison Anderson Berríos, Miss Toa Baja, was crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019 on Thursday night, as expected by pageant fans around the world. In 2016, in Las Vegas, she represented Puerto Rico in Miss Grand International and placed 4th. Before that, in 2014, she was the 4th runner-up to Miss Florida Teen USA. Last year Madison was first runner-up to Miss Florida USA, and now she has finally made it to competing in Miss Universe, which will be her second Grand Slam title attempt.

But being crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico did not come without controversy. She was born in Arizona to a Puerto Rican father and raised in Florida, not being fluent in Spanish. That has made her a target of criticism by some on social media, questioning what it means to be a real Puerto Rican, but she brushes off any negative comments.

“I am representing the new generation of Puerto Ricans who do not need to live in Puerto Rico or speak Spanish. If you were born in the United States, you are not less Puerto Rican,” she said in a phone interview with El Sentinel Orlando. “These are feelings that you carry anywhere. That’s the new generation of Puerto Ricans,” she added.

Being Puerto Rico a United States´ territory, the matter becomes even more complex, after all, all Puerto Ricans carry US passports. However, for pageant organizers in Puerto Rico, being the daughter of a man who was born in the island was enought to accept her.

Also in 2016, when she competed and did quite well in Miss Grand International, Global Beauties named Madison the “Sexiest Woman Alive”.

Miss San Sebastián, Estefania Soto, was the 2st runner-up, while Miss Camuy, Fabiola Valentín, finished the competition in 3rd place.


The event took place on June 13 at the Luis A. Ferré Fine Arts Center, in San Juan, and 28 young women competed for the title.


GB comment: Her performance in Miss Grand International was flawless, and we expect to see no less from her when competing in Miss Universe. She will fight for the crown!