Miss Friendship International 2019 happens tonight, in Chengdu, China

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by Tamara Almeida

The big night has arrived! Tonight, a lucky and beautiful young woman will become an ambassador for friendship and good will among nations, as she will be crowned Miss Friendship International 2019. Here is all you need to know about the event:

* The big final event will happen tonight, at 7:30 PM local time, in Chengdu, at Xian Tang Zhong Binhu Performance Hall. It promises to be colorful and entertaning, with great dancing and runway numbers having been choreographed.

* The Top 6 will win cash prizes and sign a 1-year contract with the organization. The winner will get US$ 10.000 cash.

* Miss Friendship´s crown is worth US$ 200.000 and it has been officially presented to the press;

* The presenters for tonight´s show are Xiang Lin, Tracy and GB´s own Tamara Almeida;

* Two days ago, all candidates presented the gifts they brought from their countries for auction during the “Make the World filled with love” Charity Dinner, at Pro Joy Tianfu Hotel. Over USD 20.000 were raised for local children;

* It´s a strong group, but some of them have stood out during the preliminary events. Some of GB´s favorites are Philippines, Serbia, Brazil, Russia, Zimbabwe, Poland, China, Japan, Bolivia, Ukraine, Thailand and of course, the lovely Italian sisters. There could be nice surprises, it will all depend on how they perform tonight!

* Meet the candidates HERE.

Stay tuned, it´s Miss Friendship International 2019! Who will the winner be?