Who will be Mr World 2019?

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This Friday the 10th edition of Mr World will take place in Manila, Philippines. 72 countries and territories are competing for the title and USD 30.000 cash-prize. The new Mr World will succeed India´s Rohit Khandelwal, who reigned for over 3 years. Who will be the young man to experience glory and a life-changing experience?

We shall start by reviewing those who won fast-track events and are already in the Top 12.

South Africa, the Sports Challenge winner, has been a front-runner from the very beginning. If we think that in 23 years and 9 previous editions, no African man has won the title, we might conclude that it´s about time, and South Africa could be a spot on bet. Speaking of the African delegates, keep an eye on Kenya, he´s quite competitive as well.

Tonga is the winner of the Talent competition.

Tonga is the winner of the Talent competition.

Tonga has made history for his small nation after winning the Talent competition with a rendition of ‘Blessed the broken road’. He has been a pleasant surprise so far.

Extreme Challenge winner from Ireland.

Extreme Challenge winner from Ireland.

Ireland has made it through the Top 12 after winning the Extreme Challenge fast track event. He´s quite good and it´s not a surprise to see him in the Top 12. What we question here is: how relevant is this “extreme challenge” event? Does a man have to prove he´s tough in an extreme challenge to be considered attractive or “man enough” in the 21st century? Why not replace this with Beauty With a Purpose, like the women competing for Miss World?

Top Model finalists from England, Venezuela, Philippines and Mexico.

Top Model finalists from England, Venezuela, Philippines and Mexico.

Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, England and Philippines, made it to the Top 5 in the Top Model competition. They might all be Top 12 semi-finalists, with Mexico as a huge favorite to take it all.

And then there´s Brazil, one hot favorite in all specialized media who unexpectedly failed to make it to the Top Model challenge´s Top 5. The question is: is he a favorite in the judges´ eyes as well?

England has made it to most fast-track events´ lists of finalists, and many people believe he could be the UK´s first ever winner.

And then there´s the Philippines, who will most likely be in the Top 5.

Our bets for the top 5: Mexico (or Brazil) in the Americas. Honduras or Venezuela could pull a surprise as long shots. England 99% for Europe (Spain, Ireland and Austria are long shots). South Africa (or Kenya) for Africa. Philippines 99% for Asia/Oceania (with Thailand, Lebanon and Tonga as long shots), Dominican Republic for the Caribbean (or Puerto Rico).

Mr World may be England, Mexico or South Africa, with Brazil running from outside.

However, it´s Mr World, which means that logic not always applies. In 2007 and 2016, favorites from Spain (2007) and India (2016) ended up as winners indeed. However, in 2010, 2012 and 2014, Mr World had winners who had not appeared as major favorites throughout the competition: Ireland (2010), Colombia (2012) and Denmark (2014).


You can watch all the action live, at 7:30 AM Philippines time, on pay-per-view, paying USD 12. CLICK HERE for details.

Best of luck and much success to all!

Photos: Mr World.