Mr World 2019 starts with full energy in Manila, Philippines

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It´s been a great first week for the Mr World competition, a contest which happens every three or four years, which still has the biggest name and the best cash prize for the winner in the business. In 2019, the Philippines, through the efforts of enterpreneur and Miss and Mr World Philippines national director, Arnold Vegafria, is hosting the event for the first time, welcoming some 80 candidates from all continents, a world record number for any male beauty contest.

Armenia, Bangladesh, British Virgin Islands, Cambodia, Cameroon, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Finland, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritius, Myanmar, Samoa, Sierra Leone, Sint Maarten, South Sudan and Tonga, are countries and territories which are debuting in the competition. On the other hand, important nations such as France, Germany and Switzerland, have not sent delegates to the Philippines.

It´s gonna be a “three-week once-in-a-lifetime experience”, organizers claim, “as the candidates battle it out to discover who should be declared ‘The world’s most desirable man’”.

In a series of Mr World challenge events, contestants will test their physical and mental endurance:

The Extreme Challenge will put contestants through their paces at the intensive Special Action Force (SAF) commando training school in Santa Rosa, Laguna province. Living in tents, the contestants will face their toughest test of physical strength and endurance.

The Sports Challenge is a test of skill, discipline and athleticism.

Talent & Creativity is about a contestants finesse, technique and their dedication as they take to the stage to impress the judges.

Fashion looks at the men getting it right in the style stakes.

Multimedia looks at their charisma and how contestants present themselves and how they engage and interact with an online audience.

They are not requested to do or support social projects, like the Miss World candidates, but are welcomed to do so.

During the press conference, held in Manila, and when all candidates were introduced to the press, Julia Morley, CEO of the MWO, said:

“We are excited to be here in the Philippines with representatives from around the world. Over the next couple of weeks, the contestants will take part in a number of challenges that test the true qualities of a man. We have had such a wonderful welcome from the Filipino people, and we are looking forward to getting to know them better, taste the local food and understand the culture. ”

And who will succeed Rohit Khandelwal of India, Mr World 2016?

In our pre-arrival list of favorites, GB´s Super 11, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, appeared as favorites. They look strong indeed, but other competitiors are also very strong and could stirr the competition. Keep an eye on Kenya, Austria, Ireland and Thailand, who stood out in these first days of the game.

Soon we will publish our first post-arrival list.

Who´s your favorite?

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Photos: MWO.