In the year 1999 Global Beauties brought to the pageant world the concept of "Grand Slam" in order to differentiate the top competitions from thousands of others which exist today. Beauty competitions which currently belong to the Grand Slam are:

MISS WORLD: The mother of all pageants, it´s the first and most popular contest in most nations. Created by Eric Morley in 1951 and ran by his wife Julia Morley after his death, in 2000, it is a unique competition which values charitable work and beauty inside and out more than any other. Beauty With a Purpose is its motto and the core of the Miss World winners´ activities. Its headquarters are located in London, UK.  The pageant, held annually, reunites about 120 competitors each year.

MISS UNIVERSE: Created in 1952, it´s the most popular beauty pageant in the US, Latin America and some countries in Asia. Today it is ran by the WME/IMG talent agency, in the United States, and telecast by FOX.  The new ownership has brought a different strategy for this pageant, which now focuses on personal stories, empowerment and education.

MISS SUPRANATIONAL: Born in 2009 in Poland (where its based now), Miss Supranational has quickly grown into one of the most impressive television productions in the business. It was created with the intention of becoming a model search, but in 2016 changed its concept to favor empowerment and personality.

MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL: The baby among the Grand Slam events, Miss Grand International was created by Thai businessman  Nawat Itsaragrisil in 2013. Its annual telecast show is among the most entertaining in the business and already has a huge, million-number following among pageant fans.

MISS INTERNATIONAL: Today a Tokyo-based international beauty pageant organized by The International Culture Association, it was born in the US in 1960 and held in Long Beach, California, until it was sold to the Japanese in 1968. It remains traditional and offers great cultural activities to its participants. Although with a very basic production on their final show, the competition still stands strong.



MR WORLD: Mr World was launched in 1996 by the Miss World Organization. It is not yet an annual event, but it pays the highest cash prize to the winner: at least US$ 50,000.00. Among the 5 men´s competitions, it is the one with most international media coverage, but nothing close to its women´s competition (Miss World).

MISTER INTERNATIONAL: Singaporean businessman Alan Sim brought Mister International to life in 2006. The pageant has happened every year ever seen. The quality of its production usually depends on the host country. Winners and results are often quite fair.

MISTER SUPRANATIONAL: Created in 2016 by the Miss Supranational Organization, it managed to put together an impressive television show with many original elements. In its first year, it was seen on TV in more than 90 countries.

MANHUNT INTERNATIONAL: If Miss World is the mother of women´s pageants, Manhunt International is the father of all men´s beauty contests. In the 1990´s, when it was born in Singapore, Manhunt International put together some great television productions. It was not held from 2012 to 2016, when it was finally back with a proper production, in China.

MISTER GLOBAL: This Thai international contest has been quickly growing in credibility and quality year after year from 2013, when it was created. Results are usually within the expected and it happens every year with an excellent live webcast.