19th Global Beauties Awards - Best Opening Number


WINNER: Miss Grand International
2nd place: Miss World
3rd place: Miss Supranational

Both Miss Grand International and Miss World delighted the fans with electrifying opening numbers, so it was one of the most difficult decisions for us. What gave Miss Grand International an extra edge perhaps was the "whole package" presented, including the participation of the previous year´s queen, and the fact that it was connected to the contestants introduction (in Miss World, expectators who did not have the opportunity to watch the pre-show, did not get to meet all the delegates individually, which could be really frustrating for the ladies who did not go any further in the competition and their supporters and national directors). Miss Grand took the Yulia, Miss World placed 2nd.

In a far and away 3rd place, came Miss Supranational, a pageant that has quite a number of exciting and creative dance numbers and stage competitions, but has not yet been able to put together a catchy and moving opening number.

Miss Universe and Miss International had no opening shows (and don´t we miss the exciting Miss U opening numbers from the past??).

Congratulations to Miss Grand International, the Yulia winner for Best Opening Number in 2017!

2016 winner: Miss World