19th Global Beauties Awards - Best Presenter - Miss World (Angela Chow)


WINNER - Miss World (Angela Chow)
2nd place - Miss Universe (Steve Harvey)
3rd place - Miss World (Megan Young)

The greatest pageant presenter in recent times was back in 2017 co-hosting Miss World live from Sanya, and once again, she did it perfectly: we are talking about Angela Chow. Angela is spontaneous, natural, she just knows how to conduct of spectacle of this nature and once again nailed it and won the Yulia for Best Presenter of 2017.

Steve Harvey once again took the responsibility of hosting Miss Universe, and the good news is that he´s been getting better and better. It was actually fun watching this time around. He plays perfectly to the American audiences, who enjoy his humor. Miss Universe and Harvey took silver in this category.

Beautiful and talented Megan Young finished in 3rd place, very close to the two above her in this year´s voting. What is even better news for Megan is that she is the Best Presenter for 2016!

Miss Supranational´s Davena Reeves placed 4th. She was good, but not excellent like in previous years. As a matter of fact, in 2017 she did a better job hosting Mister Supranational than Miss Supranational. Her co-host, Ivan Podrez, also performed his duty well and rounded out the top 5 in 5th place.

Nicole Cordoves e Xian Lim, the two Miss Grand International presenters, looked lost on stage at some points, perhaps because of technical problems by the local producers, and clearly did not have the experience to handle such problems. Both looked great and were very charming though. In our opinion, Lees Garcia should take the mic and host Miss Grand. She rocks!!

The two Japanese hosts for Miss International spoke Japanese at most times, ignoring the international audience and were not remarkable (but not a disaster either).

Congratulations to Miss World and Angela Chow, the Yulia winner in the Best Presenter category!

2016 Winner: Miss World (Megan Young)