Miss Bolivia World, Universe and International 2017

The Miss Bolivia beauty contest took place on Saturday night, July 1st, in the city of Santa Cruz. Twenty-four candidates from all departments competed for two major titles: Miss Bolivia World and Miss Bolivia Universe. Runner-ups from Miss Bolivia Universe are going to compete in other pageants, such as Miss International.

Miss Bolivia World

First it was time to select Miss Bolivia World, and the winner was Yasmin Pinto, 19 years old, 1.80 m-tall, a student and basketball player. She will represent Bolivia in Miss World 2017, in November, in China.

The 1st runner-up to Miss Bolivia World was Miss Tajira, Gabriela Espindola, and the 2nd runner-up was Miss Beni, Argene Coelho. Miss La Paz, Griselda Zegarra, was the winner of the Beauty With a Purpose award.

The judges took into account for the election of Miss Bolivia World not only how they looked on stage, but majorly how they scored on the preliminary interview, social work (Beauty With a Purpose) and life history. 

Miss Bolivia Universe

After Miss Bolivia World was crowned, the other 23 candidates came back on stage to compete for the Miss Bolivia Universe crown, as well as other titles. Miss Bolivia World´s runner-ups also returned to the competition.

This time around, the judges were taking into account how they looked and performed in bikinis, evening gowns and the final interview with the 8 finalists.

It was then that something never seen before happened in the pageant: a triple tie! Senorita Litoral, Miss Pando and Senorita Santa Cruz, scored the same 38 points! The judges had to vote again, and then Miss Pando got 3 votes, against 2 votes for Senorita Litoral and 2 votes for Senorita Santa Cruz. Another round of voting took place to decide who would go to Japan to compete in Miss International, and then Senorita Litoral edged Senorita Santa Cruz by 4 to 3 votes! While Miss Bolivia World was chosen nearly by unanimity, the conclusion of Miss Bolivia Universe 2017 was truly nerve wracking and very dramatic!

Miss Bolivia Universe 2017 is Miss Pando, Gleyser Noguer, 19, 1.72 m-tall, and the first woman from her region to represent Bolivia in Miss Universe. She will wait for the venue and date of the next edition of Miss Universe.

Miss Bolivia International 2017 is Senorita Litoral, Carla Maldonado, who will travel to Japan in November to represent her country in Miss International 2017.

The other two Grand Slam representatives of Bolivia in 2017 are Romina Recamonje (Miss Bolivia Supranational) and Eliana Villegas (Miss Bolivia Grand), who were previously appointed for such titles.

Non-Grand Slam winners

From Saturday´s pageants, two other non-Grand Slam winners were crowned: Srta. Santa Cruz, Giancarla Fernandez (2nd runner-up to Miss Bolivia Universe), will compete in Miss Earth 2017, and Miss Chuquisaca, Nimeyra Flores, the 3rd runner-up, who will compete in Miss United Continents, in Ecuador, in September.

The show which was broadcast live to the whole country by Red Uno, was a very good one, with great musical attractions and well choreographed numbers with the candidates. The Bolivian culture was present at all times, starting with the regional costumes presentation. Videos of the best social projects were also showcased during the Miss Bolivia World portion of the event.

Desiree Duran, Miss Bolivia Universe and top 10 finalist in Miss Universe 2006, was one of the hosts.

It was organized by Promociones Gloria.

GB opinion: Bolivia has one of its strongest teams in the history of the pageant! It could easily place in all pageants if these girls are properly prepared for their challenges. Miss Bolivia World is a rare piece of jewelry, keep an eye on this girl!!