19th Global Beauties Awards - Best Official Website - Miss World


WINNER: Miss World
2nd place: Miss Universe
3rd place: Miss Supranational 

Miss World is the winner of the Best Website GB Award for the positive work usually done during the year, always highlighting Miss World´s trips and activities, as well as national pageants. Its gallery of candidates is also the most complete. Miss Universe does a good job as well and placed 2nd. In the last month or so it´s been even more informative than Miss World´s, although in overall terms missworld.com still gets an extra edge. Miss Supranational took 3rd place after we had to break a tie with Miss Grand International´s website. Both have qualities, but Miss Supra offers more news, while Grand does that on its social medias.

Miss International´s website is OK, although most information is found in Japanese only.

Congratulations to Miss World for winner the Yulia for the Best Official Website of 2017!

2016 Winner: Miss World