MGI 2018: traveling to discover the islands around Kawthaung


On Tuesday, October 16th, the 76 Miss Grand International candidates flew from Yangon to Kawthaung on a charter flight. This magnificent region of Myanmar facing the Andaman Sea, filled with hundreds of islands, will host the Best in Swimsuit competition.

The candidates had to wake up quite early, but most of them looked forward to travel and visit a new place in Myanmar.

While Misses Korea and Ecuador said they got up at 5 to get ready for a long day, Netherlands told us she woke up at 6:30: “I left everything ready the day before, so that I could rest a bit more”. Smart girl!


At the airport, while waiting for their flight, the contestants got to have some coffee, or some, even a milk shake! Right, Brazil?

In a colorful outfit, Costa Rica was among the most fashionable girls of the day! Meanwhile, Russia and Tatarstan played games one their mobiles, a nice way to relax while waiting for a flight.


Czech Republic was all joy and excitement: “I love the pageant so far and the fact that the girls are so friendly! I hope it remains like this until the very end”. We all do, Miss Czech Republic!

The 1:30 hour flight was very pleasant. The candidates enjoyed the friendliness of Myanmar National Airlines crew, some took a nap, others, sitting by the window, were marvelled by the beauty of the islands around Kawthang.


Hundreds of people were waiting to welcome the candidates at Kawthaung´s airport. They immediately felt the warmth of the local people.

From there, the national delegates were taken for a delicious lunch at the Victoria Cliff Hotel & Resort. After eating, they were taken outside to see some of the resort´s stunning locations.


They then went on a 15-minute boat ride to finally reach the Grand Andaman Hotel, a 5-star luxury hotel with exclusive use of Thahtay Kyun island. A true tropical paradise!

Not even the rain took away the girls excitement!


After dinner, it was time for a chat with Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil, president of MGI. He told the girls what he´s looking for in a winner, and even analysed their runway skills!

In the following morning, when a sunny day awaited the 76 candidates, they were divided into groups for photos and filming in different island locations.

Dominica Republic said: “I have participated in several beauty pageants. Some, like Miss Global Teen, were fun experiences. Others, not as much… But this one is truly special and very well organized, as any contestant would expect from a Grand Slam event!”


Miss Grand International 2018 will be crowned on October 25th, in a live event from Yangon, Myanmar.