MGI 2018: GB´s Fashion Patrol analyses the candidates´ outfits during the preliminary interviews!

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Global Beauties put together a fantastic team of fashion and pageant experts to comment on beauty queens looks and outfits. They are trendy, they are fashionable, they are sharp! Their first challenge was to review the outfits worn by Miss Grand International´s candidates when facing the judges at the preliminary interviews (see them HERE). Who nailed it? Who did it wrong? This is a good opportunity for the candidates and their coaches and managers to read it and learn for future pageant experiences. As a matter of fact, get this: all 4 said the MGI 2018 can contact them on IG for tips on what they will wear at the preliminary gown competition! How about that?? The come from Europe (Sally-Ann), the American continent (Ricardo), Africa (Andre) and Asia/Oceania (Peter), meet GLOBAL BEAUTIES FASHION PATROL!


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Sally-Ann Fawcett is a former 80s beauty queen and now a regular judge of British pageants including Miss International UK, Miss Wales World, Miss Northern Ireland World and Miss Great Britain. She has also written three books - the Misdemeanours series - looking at the history of pageants and the controversies that made the headlines.

As a regular judge of British pageants, I am always really interested to see what contestants choose to wear for the interview round.

This is, in effect, a job interview, and choice of attire should reflect that, while also bearing in mind that the job in question involves far more style and glamour than your normal 9-5! Taking this into account, then, I always advise contestants that they cannot beat the sheer elegance and simplicity of a dress. It is important to choose an outfit that shows off their personality but doesn't swamp it, because the interview section is very much about the contestant as a person, and what she says and how she says it.

Miss Australia has made THE perfect choice of outfit with her simple yet stunning white dress. It exudes class and style yet wouldn't detract from what she would talk about in the interview room. It's absolutely beautiful, with its flowing sleeves and clean lines. I LOVE this dress!

The British contestants have also made some very smart choices of interview outfit and have gone for classic clothes that enhance rather than overwhelm and I especially love Miss Scotland's tartan number which shows off her personality so well.

I would never recommend wearing an evening gown for the interview round, as many of the finalists have done. To me, it is over-egging the pudding and missing a chance to show off their expertise in choosing and modelling stylist daywear. Miss Puerto Rico's heavy-looking gown, for instance, just looks so out of place and I would've loved to have seen this stunning beauty in short and stylish.

I also love jumpsuits as an option for interview. Miss Brazil sports a fresh, fun but very smart stripey number, while I love the petrol blue colour of Miss Canada's trouser suit. However, Miss China's sequinned red jumpsuit is more suited to a nightclub than an interview round!

Australia is Sally-Ann´s number 1 fashion choice!

Australia is Sally-Ann´s number 1 fashion choice!

The lesson here is Less is More, which is why Miss Australia wins my Best Dressed for MGI Interview award hands down before she has even opened her mouth to the judges!



Ricardo Guiraldes, Chilean designer and illustrator living in London, where he has worked as Art Editor at Cosmopolitan and other magazines, and creator and director of As a journalist, he has covered the Miss World pageant throughout the 1980´s and 1990´s.


With all the different styles, materials and designs shown by the 76 candidates, I preferred to concentrate on this trend, -which in my opinion- marked the high note on this occasion: trousers.

It should be said, that something as casual as trousers or jumpsuits, with an added touch of style and creativity, could become a high fashion statement.

Let’s see...

Brazil: Chic and trendy, with this simple style that is complemented with metal ornaments.

Colombia: Sheyla looks exquisite and fresh adding a subtle touch of ruffles on her one shoulder jumpsuit.

Costa Rica: Following the saying “less is more”, Nicole looks impeccable in this champagne color design.

Dominican Republic: This stylish lime green design highlights Mayte’s golden glow.

Kazakhstan: Another delegate whose beauty stands out in this pale pink outfit, created with simple lines with lace at the top.

Mexico: Lezli is showing attention to details with this lovely white embroidery number. The cape adds a sense of royalty.

Nepal: Smart combination: formal grey with an ethnic twist. The seventies bell-bottom trousers add a retro style to the outfit.

Paraguay: Red is the name of the game. The intensity of the color is complemented by the simplicity of the line and the drama of a large rose on one shoulder.

Peru: Perfect from head to toe, wrapped in pale water green, and the complete look leaves nothing to chance.

Russia: The tradition elegance of black can be seen in this feminine suit, with a jacket of a tuxedo style.


China: The idea was good, but metallic-look fabric ruined it.

Denmark: A pattern that managed to hide the design and the candidate.

Sweden: An example of how a real beauty manages to hide in an inappropriate floral print pattern. She´s stunning, though.

Estonia: Hot Pants? Pierced belly button? No way...

In Guiraldes´book, the winner is Kazakhstan!

In Guiraldes´book, the winner is Kazakhstan!

After a close race and a photo finish, my winning choice here goes to the very elegant Miss Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan, you nailed it!

Ricardo Güiraldes, Chilean designer and illustrator living in London, where he has worked as Art Editor at Cosmopolitan and other magazines, and creator and director of As a journalist, he has covered the Miss World pageant throughout the 1980´s and 1990´s.



Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, the co-owner of Global Beauties has lived in England, Taiwan, China and Poland. An avid pageant fan, he has helped several beauty queens preparing for their international challenges, especially the ones from South Africa. He´s also the founder and editor of Eye For Beauty Blog.

BRAZIL: Gabrielle's look was absolutely on point. The outfit was modern, young and fresh. Her hair and makeup complimented the look well. I believe her styling is much better at Miss Grand than it was at Miss World.

ALBANIA: Perhaps this look was a bit too much for what is essentially a job interview. I find her beauty quite unique and appealing but I am afraid this look did not enhance her natural beauty.

AUSTRALIA: Kimberly nailed it with this look. It was the perfect mix between job interview and miss contestant. She chose the perfect hairstyle to ensure that the look stayed elegant and did not move into the OTT zone. It is quite evident that she has done her homework and knows what it is all about.

COLOMBIA: Miss Colombia did very well. I thought there was quite a bit of drama to the outfit, which I appreciate, but not so much so that it distracted my attention.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: I love this girl and though I love the colour on her, I thought the look had way too much going on.

BELGIUM: She chose a great look for interviews - her best of the competition. But the shoes were a big no.

CHILE: Sadly, I thought this look came across as quite dated. It did not feel modern or fresh to me.

HAITI: I did not understand this look at all. If I was her trainer, I would have advised her not to wear it to the interviews.

LEBANON: The dress, the shoes... it was all just too much. But she´s beautiful, just needs to be careful when picking her looks.

EL SALVADOR: She is a beautiful girl but this look was definitely no very practical or suitable for the interviews.

KOREA: She looked quite chic. Understated but edgy. It could have been an inch or two longer but overall it worked for me.

CHINA: A sequined red jumpsuit with black high heels. Perhaps this look would have been more suited for a night out on the town.

COSTA RICA: She looked quite polished. She is a pageant girl who certainly knows what works.

INDIA: Meenakshi is just a class act. I love everything about her. She has not put a foot wrong so far.

MEXICO: A fairy tale princess with a pantsuit? Mexico, you are stunning, but this was a bit too much dramatic for me.

JAPAN: This girl is shaping up to be one of my favorite Japanese girls at any pageant EVER. I just wish she had gone for something slightly more elegant. I had issues with the length and the cutout.

ETHIOPIA: Personally, I love it when girls embrace their heritage during the interview segment, so I liked her look.

GUADELOUPE AND JAMAICA: Too much. WAY too much. Beautiful girls who could tone down a bit when it comes to picking an interview outfit.

THAILAND: She looked very stylish. I love this colour on her. She is a frontrunner for sure.

ESTONIA: This outfit looked more like a resort wear "Day at the Beach Bar" look to me. I am not sure if this would make her come across like a girl who is serious about representing an organization for a year. Again, stunning girl, wrong outfit choice.

PHILIPPINES: Stunning, but not for a pageant interview. This look fits the bridal section in my view.

POLAND: I am impressed. She looked quite sharp and it was a perfect mix between glam and serious.

INDONESIA: Red is for love, and she´s a lovely girl. But I´ve seen her in higher style in other moments of the competition.

MYANMAR: The top part is fine but what's growing on the skirt?

HONG KONG: This is more of a party dress than anything else and if I were a judge, I would have been quite distracted.

SCOTLAND: Scottish chic

SURINAME: Strong and bold but bordering on being too much.

LITHUANIA: This dress traveled in a time machine right from 1985.

VENEZUELA: Way too go, Venezuela! You looked soft and feminine.

SWEDEN: She is such a beautiful girl but this print was too much. It looked a bit like really elegant pajamas. But her beauty beats the wrong outfit choice, for sure.

TAIWAN: Wrong choice.

NEW ZEALAND: Very elegant and polished... and what a smart place to take the photo. It probably even enhanced the whole look.

RUSSIA: Very smart look. The hair and accessories were a big no for me though.

And here she is again: Australia is also Andre´s number 1 choice!

And here she is again: Australia is also Andre´s number 1 choice!

My choice for best dressed for MGI Preliminary interview is no other than AUSTRALIA. A perfect 10!



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Peter Sereno is credited solely for putting Australia back on the beauty pageant map. His first gig coaching Jennifer Hawkins resulted in Australia's second Miss Universe winner and since 2004 every single talent he has coached has either won or placed in the top 5 earning Australia the reputation of being a pageant power house in the region. Known internationally as the Queen Maker, he is the creator of Australia's leading pageant resource centre, Dear Pageant Girl, and also heads Pageant Girl Travel.  together with his team at Flight Centre Sandy Bay, he now takes care of Australian beauty queens travel needs. Claire Parker, Miss Grand International 2015, was coached by Peter!

Dressing right for a pageant interview can be a tricky thing. For one, you have to elevate your style because it’s pageant, yet it’s quite easy to cross the line from fabulous to inappropriate. The candidates below caught my attention - not always for the right let the games begin!!!!

Dressed most appropriately:

These four ladies I thought would have caught my eye stylistically if I was an interview judge:

Brazil: a striped jumpsuit could scream pyjamas or circus tent, but miss Brazil carries this off with panache and class. Elegant!

Chile: very age and situation appropriate. Love the colour, love the hair, love the length. Understated with a pop!

Ethiopia: I love the cultural nod. It’s a great conversation point and gives Miss Ethiopia an opportunity to talk about herself and her country. Smart move.

Ghana: what a standout. LOVE the modern design incorporating the tradition. Talk about individuality.

Good effort:

Colombia: this is what to be expected from the Latinas...verging OTT but perfect for a pageant interview. This screams “look at me, I want this job”.

England: everything was going right until...the shoes. It’s that American Idol moment...where the favourite steps up and comes out with a questionable song choice. Could have been a winner if only they made the right choice...and in this case...different heels.

Norway: understated elegance, she looks like modern royalty. Fresh, simple, ticks all of the boxes.

Malaysia: another elegant interpretation of the traditional. She looks like a queen.

Canada: teal is a difficult colour to pull off but the sillhouette is so good that Miss Canada wears this with panache. Teal has a tendency to dull the skin, so some standout colourful accessories could have lifted this look. Excellent effort.


Portugal: going retro is dangerous as it could come across like a costume. But miss Portugal pulls it off beautifully. The blush pink with her auburn hair is a winner. LOVE. Although this would be more Miss World, yes?

New Zealand: WOW. I cannot fault this outfit, it is perfection. One of the best outfits in this batch


Narrowly pitting New Zealand to the post was KAZAKHSTAN. Wow wow wow. This is drama without being dramatic. She looks polished and screams “I want to be Miss Grand”. This would take my breath away if I was a judge.

The ones in fashion trouble:

So a few missed the mark. Your outfit is meant to compliment, not distract. And these were just...distracting to the max. Mind you: these girls look great, they just need some serious fashion advise:

Albania: is still suffering from Eurovision Fever.

Denmark: so THAT’s where my silk bathrobe went.

China: looked at the schedule and thought that today was the nightclub visit instead of the interview round.

Estonia: For this kind of interview, sorry but no, honey…

Paraguay: had a fight with the curtains in her room and decided to call it a truce...both make an appearance to the event. But she´s so gorgeous!

Mexico and Philippines: these girls thought this was a casting call for the Miss Grand Bridal Show. Fabulous but...interview?

Sereno agrees with Guiraldes: Kazakhstan is the most fashionable delegate when it comes to picking an pageant interview outfit!

Sereno agrees with Guiraldes: Kazakhstan is the most fashionable delegate when it comes to picking an pageant interview outfit!

Global Beauties Fashion Patrol will be back after MGI 2018 preliminary Evening Gown competition!