19th Global Beauties Awards - Best Television Show - Miss Universe


WINNER: Miss Universe
2nd place: Miss Grand International
3rd place: Miss World

Miss Universe put in 2017 its best show since 2005 (held in Thailand). It was entertaining and well produced from the beginning to the crowning moment. There were new twists, a logic to how the competition developed, candidates´ hair and make-up were perfect (by far the best among the 5 pageants), hosts did a fair job, and in overall terms results were fair (European choices left some question marks, though). After a long time, it was a pleasure watching a Miss Universe pageant again! The Yulia goes to Miss Universe for Best Television Show!

Miss Grand International also made fans happy with a dynamic show, with plenty of entertainment value. Dancing numbers, runway competitions and even the speeches were tremendously entertaining in the show put together in Vietnam. The crowning moment can get better (music, supense etc). Hosts were charismatic, but got lost at some points when the local Vietnamese producers made some mistakes. The stage was great, but the lights could have been better for television. Even with all the technical flaws, it is a pleasure to watch Miss Grand International, a beauty contest made for people who love beauty pageants!

Miss World, 3rd place, had a great "pre-show", with the candidates introduction and dances of the world (it´s a pity not many people get to see it...). It was followed by an awesome opening number, but from there on, it was nothing like its 2016 show... The Top 40 (too many!), many of whom winners of the great head-to-head challange, were barely seen (instead, we saw their countries´ flags very quickly). There was no on-stage competition to show the audience how they cut it from 40 to 15, from 15 to 10, and from 10 to 5. Too many musical numbers with no interaction with the contestants, making such portions of the show boring. Results were confusing at times, although the winner was predicted by Global Beauties and completely deserved it. It fell from 1st place in 2016 to 3rd in 2017. In 2018 we hope to see a combination of Miss World 2016 great show and formula and the 2017 fantastic stage, light and camera work. If so, Miss World will nail it!

Miss Supranational 2017 had some good moments, like the Top 25 and Top 10 competitions and the exciting final minutes. It needs more energy in the opening number, contestants´ introduction, and less and shorter commercial breaks! It must understand that the rest of the planet is not used to the "Polish way". There is no actual competition among the finalists who are only walking the runway over and over showcasing sponsoring clothes (rather than actually competing). The candidates´ talent mixed with on stage competition was a great idea. It is still lacking international flavor in its 9th year, which makes it hard to attract a specific market. It placed 4th.

Miss International comes in 5th place with its outdated show and surprising results. It survives on its tradition and needs to be revamped in order to regain some of its previous popularity. For God sake, it´s Japan! A country known for its extraordinary technology and modernity. Let´s shake it up, Miss International??

Congratulations to Miss Universe, the Yulia winner for Best Television Production in 2017!!

2016 Winner: Miss World